Explainer animation
Sciencewise is an organisation that holds public dialogues to obtain insights from citizens about all sorts of issues. But what does that mean?

I was commissioned by Close-up Research to create 2 minute explainer animation for Sciencewise.
The team
I worked as the animator and designer on the project.
My partner Carla Ferrari was the main character illustrator.
Elliot Manches of Close-Up was the director and scriptwriter.

Working collaboratively together we created the storyboard, style guides and final composition.
Working closely with the director and his script we developed the storyboard together over a few days. We presented to the client styleframes, storyboard and animation concepts to make sure we're all on the same page before animating.
The process
The final animation is informative engaging and approachable. Here are some screenshots from the final video.
The result